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Original Designs & Custom

Unique rings or chose a collaborative process that matches

your wedding ring perfectly to your engagement ring.


Original Designs & Custom

Your ring should be as unique as you. Collaborate and

create a vision that truly says ... you.

Custom Remounts
Fashion RINGS

'Exclusively Yours' Design Available

For Your Special Day!

Work 'one-to-one' with one of USA's top designers.

Consultations for qualified clients by appointments only.


Bridal and Day Wear

Earrings, neckpieces, bracelets that

complement you - wedding day or every day.

Select Diamond Shape

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Virtual Appointments!

the most personal service on the Internet. Work with the most successful ring designer of the last two decades, Elsa, and create your perfect piece of jewelry.

Book your virtual appointment today.

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Why Choose Elsa?

The Highest Customer Satisfaction Rates in the Nation.

Putting Customer Satisfaction Before Profits.

How does that appeal to you?

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Video Testimonials and Design Process

Watch videos of satisfied customers. Watch videos of each stage of our design process.

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Original Design

The Hallmark of Elsa!

To your heart's desire.

Whether you are looking for something truly unusual, something you saw in a dream, or just want a ring you like to be a little wider or thinner, we will honor your request.

If you are looking for a design that you can't find anywhere else, you may want to consider having it crafted just for you. We create uniquely original designs in precious metals like platinum, gold, palladium. That is about 90% of our business. Why is that important for you to know? Because most on-line and brick and mortar companies sell 90% readymade and only dabble in made to order jewelry. Not Elsa. It has been our hallmark
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Anatomy of a Diamond

By understanding the anatomy of a diamond, you can assure that you purchase exceptional quality and avoid common cutting flaws.

To protect one of your largest and most meaningful investments only purchase GIA or AGSL diamonds. They are laboratories with integrity and look to protect the consumer by grading diamonds accurately.

The polish and symmetry grades are clearly listed for each diamond on their GIA or AGSL diamond grading report. For the most beautiful diamond, look for a symmetry grade of excellent (EX), very good (VG), or good (G) for a GIA graded diamond, and ideal (ID), excellent (EX), very good (VG), or good (G) for an AGSL graded diamond.
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Education Center

Read our tutorial on diamonds and metals.

As one of the first jewelry sites on the Internet, Elsa has pioneered integrity and full disclosure of diamond quality to all her clients. As a clear indication of her commitment to her client’s happiness and complete satisfaction Elsa only sells GIA and AGS certified stones.

If you are in the process of educating yourself about diamonds make note to only buy the most accurate and unbiasedly certified diamonds.

Ask yourself the question, “Why would any company sell any stone they know are not being represented accurately?”
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Thank You For The Best Year In Our History!

2011 was the Best Year in the history of Platinum Engagement Rings ... and so far in 2012 we are ahead of 2011.

How is this possible in such a bad economy? A lot of hard work, dedication to clients, integrity, and perhaps a little luck.

Elsa was voted by tens of thousands of brides on as the top jeweler/designer of 2011, an honor she has garnished many, many years. In addition the finest establishments, like the Garden City Hotel, Scotto Bros. venues, The Carltun and Carlyle On The Green ALL refer their brides and grooms to Elsa exclusively.

You can join our family of satisfied clients.
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