As one of the first jewelry sites on the Internet, Elsa has pioneered integrity and full disclosure of diamond quality to all her clients. As a clear indication of her commitment to her client’s happiness and complete satisfaction Elsa only sells GIA and AGS certified stones.

If you are in the process of educating yourself about diamonds make note to only buy the most accurate and unbiasedly certified diamonds.

Ask yourself the question, “Why would any company sell any stone they know are not being represented accurately?”

We can tell you why we don’t! Because our clients deserve to get exactly what they believe they are paying their hard earned money for and nothing less.

We know that this is one of the most important ‘relationship’ days when it comes to any person’s life. We can’t even imagine ruining such a day. When a client takes their engagement ring or wedding ring to be appraised (a must) and discovers that they did not get what they were promised – it ruins their engagement, their wedding.

Unfortunately we have heard to many of these stories, and saw how sad and angry it makes people. For a few measly dollars we’d rather have a client for life…who recommends us happily.